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About Us

Started in 1997, Forestdale is a private, 100% Canadian-owned and operated business. Located in Southern Ontario, we work with our manufacturing clients on OEM metal projects; supplying metal components while producing confidence, security, and peace of mind.

Forestdale was founded in 1997 with the help of generous and optimistic friends and the Ontario Small Business Fund.


Dave Church founded the company in 1997,  looking to the future saw an opportunity in metal fabrication, and wanted to create a business that could support the local community. Dave came from a metal punching and stamping background, and Forestdale's initial focus was centered on stamping with one of the business's initial investments being a used punch press. 

From this start, Forestdale became involved in the Furniture industry and worked with the leading manufacturers of the time developing a process for quickly stamping and spot-welding file drawers. They also became involved in the snow and ice industry, working with clients to develop salt spreader parts. Forestdale is still involved in the furniture industry, and snow and ice industry today, in addition to multiple new fields. 

In 2004 Forestdale began its initial journey with lean, adopting a build-to-order JIT approach, rather than the previous costly and inefficient build-to-stock methodology. This continues to be a major part of the way we set up and operate metal component projects for our clients, ensuring we can deliver on time with minimal defects and wasted costs.

In 2018 Forestdale purchased our first laser cutter, which revolutionized the way we do business. Having in-house laser capabilities gave Forestdale the ability to control its supply chain further, eliminate stocked laser blanks, and provided increased flexibility with prototyping and design. This led to a transition away from stamping-focused work and more toward a burn-bend-weld model, which very much continues today. 

These innovations are what created the Forestdale of today- a highly flexible and adaptable metal component supplier, that is committed to meeting customer-requested delivery dates; providing a predictable and reliable solution to your metal needs.

Our History



Forestdale was started with the help of the Ontario Small Business Support Fund, three pieces of used equipment, lots of hard work and a vision for the future.


Gaining momentum quickly, Forestdale moved to the premises they are currently in, upgrading their equipment, and learning a lot about customer’s needs.


Forestdale added a 5,000 square foot addition to their current building and started to implement lean manufacturing, moving to one piece flow and JIT shipping.


Forestdale is well on the way in their lean journey. Modifying the shop layout, adding robotic welding and starting the stock and ship program, while training their staff in new manufacturing methods and ideas.


Forestdale is CWB 47.1 and 47.2 Certified, for Custom Manufacturing Metals. Forestdale upgrades to a Mazak 4 KW Optiplex Nexus laser cutter. This was accompanied with a Tekmag tower automation system, which was relatively new technology at the time.


Forestdale continues their forward momentum, drawing up plans for an addition on the current building. This will allow for future expansion to allow us to continue meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

Our Values


Say it straight.

At Forestdale we do what we say, say what we mean, and tell you what you need to know. We maintain a high level of honesty in everything we do. 


Always getting better. 

At Forestdale we take a growth mindset to every challenge, we try to better ourselves, our people, and our customers. 

Hard Work

Ready to sweat. 

Going anywhere requires hard work, at Forestdale we recognize that hard work applies to our team, our suppliers, and ourselves.

Our Capabilities: 

Meet The Forestdale Team

The Forestdale team is ready to help you with all aspects of your next project.

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